If your lawn has seen better days, been destroyed by constant use by the kids or has been ravaged by the family pet, re-turfing the lawn area, either completely or in part then we can assist with revitalising your lawn.

We are experts in all aspects of grass seeding and turf laying, and have been providing the Cambridgeshire and surrounding area with seeding and turfing solutions for over 30 years.

Our expertise in lawn care and garden maintenance ensures your lawn is in the best possible hands with our turf and lawn care services. We also provide fully customised and professional garden maintenance and lawn care services for a variety of commercial customers throughout Cambridge.

Woodland Landscapes know that all lawns need mowing, it’s one of the most frequent and important tasks in maintaining a healthy lawn.


A Crown reduction is the uniform shortening of branches to reduce the overall size of the canopy.
A trees appearance or form can be enhanced by a crown reduction and the amenity value of the tree increased.

If there are concerns about the structural integrity or root system of a tree then a crown reduction can be employed to reduce the sail effect of the wind on a tree and therefore reduce biomechanical stress, improving safety and the long term viability. Crown reduction is often the method used to allow a large tree to be retained in limited space; the crown structure is maintained as is a high percentage of the foliage bearing structure this allows the tree to maintain good vitality.


Bespoke fences for all types of gardens

Fencing is an integral part of most gardens, either to keep out pests and other unwanted visitors, or as a decorative boundary to your property. If installed correctly a fence can last a couple of decades and with the variety of stains and wood finishes available, a fence can be customised to suit your environment

Whatever style of garden fencing you require and for whatever purpose, Woodland Landscapes fencing services can install the right fencing solution for you. We have a large selection of garden fences, including attractive picket fences and bespoke fencing. Gates for the garden and driveway can also be installed by us, adding privacy and security.


Soil gravel and stones can blunt a chainsaw chain in seconds, can clog up the oil supply for the chain, and cause premature wear to the bar and chain of the chainsaw.. Therefore a chainsaw can not be used to remove tree roots or a tree stump. The grinding of the stump and roots, after a tree has been felled and removed, is a seperate process and requires the use of heavy grinding machinery.

A stump grinder or stump cutter is a power tool or equipment attachment that removes tree stumps and roots by means of a rotating cutting disk that chips away the wood.


There are a few reasons for choosing to pollard trees. It is an effective way of reducing the amount of shade cast by trees, to thin the crown thereby increasing air circulation, it helps keep trees a comfortable size for their local environment, it may be necessary to shape a tree for design purposes and to prevent trees from touching overhanging electricity or telephone lines.

A number of different species of trees can be pollarded on a regular basis and in some cases it can be an effective way to rejuvenate a tree and to prolong its life.


Woodland Landscapes offer a yearly hedge trimming maintenance service, as well as hedge reducing and getting into order those overgrown hedges which may be causing neighbour disputes.

Our Tree Surgery team will safely and efficiently remove any size hedge from your garden or outdoor area. We are able to grind and remove the stumps and remove all excess waste from site.


Pruning is the removal of living or dead parts of the tree. Such parts may be soft growth, twigs, branches, limbs, parts of the tree’s trunk (aerial growth) or parts of the tree’s root system. Tree pruning operations are the most frequently practiced of all tree works, since such a wide range of aims and objectives can be achieved. These objectives may relate to the structural integrity of the tree, the safety of people and property, access obstruction or light and aesthetic value.

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